The Kodokan Judo Museum and Library received about 50 visitors from the Consortium Of Museums for Industry and Culture (COMIC), on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.
About fifty people came to see the museum
About fifty people came to see the museum

COMIC is a study group consists of corporate museums mainly located in Tokyo, and we have heard that they have observation tours or study sessions once every two months. The visitors were very surprised to know that Kano Shihan ran Kobun-gakuin, a school to educate overseas students from China, and they recognized that he had another aspect of an educator, not only being the founder of Judo. They attentively looked at the exhibits, especially the genuine signature of Fenollosa written on the Kano Shihan diploma from Tokyo University.。
Visitors are looking at the signature of Luxun (Real name: Chou Shu-jen), a student of Kobun-gakuin, written in the register book of Kodokan members.

They also gave advice for our museum in the eyes of corporate museums. The visit was very meaningful for us, too.
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