1996 Atlanta Olympic Judo Players' Profile

Sugawara52kg Noriko SUGAWARA

  1. Date of Birth (M/D/Y) : 9/27/72
    Place of Birth : Kanagawa
    Height / weight : 157cm/53kg

  2. Which kind of Judo would you like to show us at the Olympic Games?

      I've been playing Judo for 20 years since I was 4.
      So as to make a comprehensive compilation of my Judo life, I'd like to put all my strength to Atlanta.

  3. Speciality in waza : Tai-otoshi

  4. Which kind of message would you like to give us through Judo?

      One and the opponent will both grow by brushing up WAZA (Jita-Kyoei).
      And when you make efforts, you will attain your goal:
      It is necessary to endeavor so as to attain your goal (Chikara-Hittatsu).

  5. What do you enjoy other than Judo?

      To go on a trip to hotsprings in the interval of training.

  6. Do you have any message to web-audience all over the world?

      I am very happy to be able to participate in, as a player, to the Olympic Games, where people all over the world focus their attention.
      I'd like to enjoy the Olympic Games with you.

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