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Mid-Winter Training / Mid-Summer Training

Kan-Geiko: Mid-Winter Training

Started in 1884, Kan-Geiko has continued to the present day as a traditional annual event in Kodokan and it aims at developing a strong spirit and body through training in a harsh winter condition.

Dates for 2015 : January 7 (Wed.) to January 16 (Fri.) for 10 days

Information for Kan-Geiko in 2015

Shochu-Geiko: Mid-Summer Training

Shochu-Geiko is where you can improve techniques in Judo, while developing a strong mind and body through intense training in the hottest time of the year.

Dates for 2014 : July 14 (Mon.) to July 23 (Wed.) for 10 days

Information for Shochu-Geiko in 2014

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